Nude Swim, 2005

July, blue chlorine bulb
glittering pool light rippling
and blurred body billow

held in black bead of night
dusky spruce and cedar outline
backyard under hazed moon

little stars, backyard spotlight
tonguing a path of grass
beside the cellar doors.

Wishing to be older & say that we had,
our little bathing suit bottoms slip down
the highway of twiggy legs, we submerge
to our necks in hot water, flirts of summer
water splashing our chins, as we squirmed
out of our tops

We keep our eyes away
from each other,
find the furthest diameter corners
in pearled bath of cloud.

we swim
the whirlpool stronger

until it carries us and
we weigh nothing.

Image: Photo by Taylor Simpson, via Unsplash.