Jeri Griffith’s Lush Silhouettes

We were excited to discover Jeri Griffith’s work in our submissions box last fall. The dreamlike silhouettes that bridge the surreal to the natural, imbued with stained-glass colors and shapes, brought to mind many of the unwieldy questions underlying the Unchartable theme. Two of these works, “The Offering” and “The Forest” were published in the anthology. We are happy to share the artist’s full series here.  – PR Editors

“Garden Gate”
“The Offering”
“The Forest”
“The Architect”
“Eden Now”
“Global Warming”

According to Griffith, “These eight paintings address the theme of our crucial, yet tenuous, relationship with nature. The situation is dire, yet the images still offer some hope in our openness to our experience of the natural world.”

Jeri Griffith lives and works in Brattleboro, Vermont, after stints in Boston and Austin, Texas, but her childhood was spent in Wisconsin. These disparate places each feel like separate countries to her, with landscapes, seasons, and ways of being that influence both her art and her identity. An artist and writer, Jeri creates images on canvas and on paper that represent her worldview and her sense of the spiritual. For inspiration, she draws on her training in life drawing as well as her love for ancient and indigenous art. She has traveled extensively, especially in Central and South America. On the writing side of her life, Jeri has published stories and essays in literary quarterlies. She is currently working on a memoir, other creative nonfiction unrelated to her memoir, and a collection of short stories, as well as arranging exhibitions of her art.