Achromous by Ellery Beck

This Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, we will be featuring the winners from last month’s flash contest, held in conjunction with the AWP festival in Portland. Entries were received in paper form during the three days of the book fair, and selected by our editorial team. 


I don’t know if we are   white              or smudged 
with a soft     dandelion yellow (who’s to say    dirt 
and damage aren’t)     as beautiful 
      as the day we began. Our bones 
                                        and blood 
have grown     closer to birds 
than to the ground and we’ve learned   to be 
 okay with this, to receive. Instead      to receive, 
we’ve   planted   each other 
  hand    in hand, woven with what
            blue ceiling we can reach. 

Ellery Beck is a freshman undergraduate student majoring in English. She’s currently studying at Salisbury University. Her poems are published or forthcoming in Little Patuxent Review, Thin Air Magazine, Arkana, The Scarab and The Broadkill Review.