THICK SPIKE by Patrick Newson

Thick spike

 thick spire inspired

 by and large a millennial occurrence

 thick pin sharp long pin piercing

the sky so high inspired by desire.

Thick spire:

            A piercing arrow

            A landmark

            A point of interest

            A point of reference

            A tourist destination

            A photo opportunity

            An opportunity to stand on ovation

 for the national treasure

 the national pleasure

running smooth through the Liffey

 this stiffey

this spire inspired by night

by day by

crossed legs leaning on a cane

 tie tied tight about a sculpted neck

 hard veins bulging at the collar to check

spire spiked driving deep in

arm so warm against the cold cloudy

sky so high.

Flying and dying and drying and crying

 set on blocks eyeing spire

hands deep in pockets

eyes popping blood under iron framed


A spectacle indeed: 

we smoked weed at the feet of twisted

 metal statue watching

 pins and needles inspire spike deep

 veins in names in games in James Joyce’s eyes

getting high in Dublin’s sky.

Image by: Steven Isaacson