Winter 2015 Call for Submissions

Dear Writers, Artists, Friends, and lovers of the arts,

Portland Review is now open for a new batch of submissions. Our submission period for our upcoming Winter 2015 issue spans from Nov. 1st to Dec. 1st.  We are looking for well-crafted fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, and blends of these to publish in our print issue and on the web. Accepted authors and artists receive one free issue, discounts on additional copies, and our unending gratitude.

As usual, we do not accept unsolicited, previously published work or submissions sent by mail or email. All submissions must be sent through Submittable. General and genre specific guidelines can be found on our Submittable page. Simultaneous submissions are welcome.

Please don’t forget that this year we’ve introduced three new categories: Flash Nonfiction Feature (similar to our Flash Fiction Feature, but with a focus on brief nonfiction under 700 words); book reviews, which we ask to be written by objective authors to possibly accompany reviews by our editorial staff; and our “Other” category, which will draw work that doesn’t fit with a particular genre, blending the lines of our other categories, or working with multi-media forms.

In addition, we are opening a new category for our Spring 2015 issue, Visuals and Textual Inspirations, which we will keep open from Nov. 1st until April 1st. So, what we’d like you to submit here are works of art, photography, poetry, fiction, or nonfiction that you wish to serve as the inspiration pieces. Your work will serve as the “muse” for its companion. This process of pairing text and art will be a collaborative discussion between our staff and the accepted authors/artists of each respective piece. We also welcome unpublished collaborations of visual and textual art in this category as well. In the issue itself, the visual and its companion written piece will be presented side-by-side. Additionally, please remember that our Spring issue will feature full-color images, so while all forms of art and photography are welcome please only send images for which you have high-resolution digital formats available. Written work should follow our guidelines for their respective genres.

In all of our categories we look for quality pieces with unique visions, regardless if they fit with traditional or estranged forms.

We’re excited to read your submissions!
Portland Review