When a Real Adult Walks into my Office Seeking Legal Advice

eyes swelling like a housing
bubble and before i can
even introduce myself, asks

What should I do? The bank is trying
to take my house. I have a family. I have no way
to pay. What should I do?

i should have something
useful to say. i’m a lawyer.
but all i can think of is

my studio apartment
carpeted with dirty laundry
how i use a yahoo account

how i blush
when i buy

and my sink smells
and i’m not sure
if my socks are clean

and my tv has a vhs player
and none of my clocks
are set correctly

how this morning i had to wait
to shower so the bathwater
could drain from the night before

and eight days ago
i took the wrong

and this man
is seeking advice
from me

this man with a home
and a family
and ironed pants




Image: “Fische” by Olivia Weiß is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0