I’d like to take a minute to welcome our wonderful readers to our new website. You’ll notice some changes over the next few months as we work out some kinks and implement new design elements, but for now we’re excited to be back online.

Over the past few months, we’ve been going through a long and messy transition. We have an entirely new editorial staff, and we’re enthused to have the opportunity to revitalize the Portland Review. I’d like to apologize to our faithful readers and the talented writers who submit their work to the Portland Review for the shortcomings many of you have experienced recently. We arrived to a significant backlog of submissions, and we want to be sure each writer and artist receives the attention they deserve. We are committed to breathing new life into our magazine, and hopefully we can earn back your trust and respect. Without you, our publication wouldn’t exist.

I’m happy to announce that we are reopening our submission system. We’re excited to read your work, and promise our response time won’t be nearly as abysmal as it’s been in the past. I’d also like to announce the inaugural round of our Flash Fiction Friday contest. Send us your best piece of short fiction (500 words or less) to be considered. Starting next Friday, we’ll post the winning submission to our website each week.

I’d also like to introduce our incredible staff.

Managing Editor: Rachel Pass
Prose Editor/Copy Editor: Jyoti Roy
Poetry Editor: Carolyn Brazda
Book Review Editor: Genevieve Hudson

They are an inspired and talented group, and I’m excited to have them on-board.

Thanks for visiting,
Tim Faiella