Submissions in Summer Hibernation

Today we’re putting our submissions into a “summer hibernation” mode, which means all submissions will be closed from now until the next fall submission/reading period. We’re sad to do this, but there are a few reasons we feel it’s necessary: 1) Our spring issue will be the last issue of the year, as it’s unlikely we’ll have the budget for a separate summer issue. 2) Each year Portland Review’s staff of students from PSU’s MA publishing program and MFA in creative writing are cycled, with returning and new staff, and we believe it would be overwhelming for the next staff to deal with a pile of summer submissions. 3) Because of this cycling, Portland Review is left a little in chaos over the summer without a full staff, which leaves submissions unread. This is unfair to the incoming staff and also submitters.

What happens to submissions currently waiting to be read?
All submissions sent before the hibernation will still be considered for web publication or possible other publication should opportunities arise. You can still withdraw or see the progress of your submissions, but no new submissions can be submitted.

Who do I contact about my submission or other Portland Review things?
We’ll still be replying via email and such until the end of this quarter. And even then someone will be able to reply to emails. We’ll take whatever steps we can to avoid a long loss of communication.

But it’s not summer yet?
Yes, we know. However, since we already have a large backlog of submissions sent between our reading period for our spring issue and today there are a lot of submissions for us to catch up on. Temporarily shutting down submissions allows us to catch up on those submissions already sent and clear our submission manager for the next staff to take charge.

Thank you all for your submissions! We look forward to finishing up with our winter and spring issues. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.