Pictures from Our Fall 2013 Issue Launch Events

Two weeks ago Portland Review had our Fall 2013 issue launch events at Rogue Hall and IPRC. Reading for us at these events were many of the fantastic authors featured in our upcoming issue. The staff had a great time and we think the events were a huge success, thanks to our readers, event locations, and those that came out to listen.

One of our goals for this year’s Portland Review is to document and share what we do. This documenting is meant to help the next staff members adapt to their new roles as seamlessly as possible and, perhaps more importantly, to connect with our readers and local community. Part of my involvement in those efforts includes taking pictures at our events. I’m admittedly not much of a photographer. While I’ve had a camera for a few years now, I’m still learning the basics of photography and have little idea of how to get perfect lighting adjustments on the fly. My appreciation for professional photographers who may often work in dim, low-light settings, and who can find the perfect angles, grew significantly as I tried to capture the ambiance of these events without distracting the audience. Maybe I should just use the flash.

What follows are galleries of photos from our two events.

Rogue Hall, October 31st 2013:

IPRC, November 1st 2013:

We plan on hosting more readings and parties to introduce or further support new and established talents to the Portland and PSU communities. And also I’ll get a chance to work on my photography skills. Hope to see you at these future events!

Rogue Hall (the specific location of our reading) can also be found on Facebook here and Twitter here.

IPRC is also on Facebook here and Twitter here.