Girls’ Night

Lisa says food is sad, hasn’t eaten in three days. Jan is made of matchsticks, wants the boys to light her, light her, light her. Sean gives herself a buzz cut, grows girl tired. Mae chews bubblegum and paints a perfect smoky eye. Lu stays home, keeps mother company, draws open-faced camellias and hums ice-cream-truck music. Mela packs her suitcase, drives Arizona, finds the boy she left empty. Before she leaves, she spills Lisa’s tea. No food. Two weeks. Lisa won’t answer texts as she grows model glossy. Sean drives them to emergency. Mae applies mascara in the rear-view. Lu holds a bouquet of paper camellias. Lisa hates hospital gowns and silver needles. This happened last year, around harvest. This happens in peak supermarket seasons. Some days, food is just too sad.


Image: Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich, via Pexels