from Dear Anna by Jon-Michael Frank

Anna, I like that picture you sent me of a wooden chair spotted with pink petals in a misty and abandoned parking lot. I wonder if this is how the healing begins. Sitting in a fog alone. They say that if you recite an effective mantra over and over again during intense meditation sessions you can transcend consciousness. But I’ve never doubted for one second just how much meaning there is in really looking inside an empty Big Gulp.

Jon-Michael Frank has work appearing in Inter/rupture, JMWW, Sink Review and Slush Pile, among others. Comics are forthcoming from Greying Ghost Press and Gigantic Sequins, with a chapbook being released by El Aleph Press in 2014. Jon-Michael is also an assistant editor for the small press BIRDS, LLC, helps run a reading series in Austin, Texas called Fun Party, and sells illustrations about life, or the lack of it, on Etsy.