“Field with Miscarriage” and “Segmentation Notes”

Field with Miscarriage

Your body spills across
the wheat. Empty husked,

silver podded. Glistening
before dark. Your ash clings

like blame to my fingers,
the cellophane bag we brought

you home in.
Terrible, to choke

on your airborne body, watch
you disappear with the sun.

Segmentation Notes

Twelve ribs are present.
The long bones are unremarkable.

The heart is opened in a sequential fashion
along the flow of blood.

(body as water, consumed by rivers
in order to feed. water’s responsibility
remains the river & its light.)

The lumen contains no significant debris.

(measured light. for example, the shifting 
light of birds, or the cranial scallop 
of iris in long-mouthed bloom.)

The head is macerated.
The scalp has no hair.

(next to the irises: strawberries
seep in a bowl. pitted with dark
seeds. unfruitful. liquid.)

The brain is extremely liquefied due to maceration.
The scalp is incised in the usual mastoid to mastoid fashion
& reflected.

(how a river turns skyward, its mouth 
split toward a skull. lily-petaled 
beneath the pull of water.)

Upon reflection, no evidence is identified.

Image: Photo by Marcel L., via Unsplash.