December 31 by Anis Shivani

bernadette mayer
how did you live through the bush years
i didn’t win any prizes
but winter surprised like a second childhood
to the tenebrous nursery a decade late
wolf spoor kept woman awake
in the far cabin
snowy light falling mute
to the clomp of the bearish
moon oh it’s been all right
i know my length in meters
i have my magic marker
and you your forest
this line makes it a sonnet

Anis Shivani’s debut book of poetry, My Tranquil War and Other Poems, was recently released by NYQ Books. His books include The Fifth Lash and Other Stories (2012), Against the Workshop (2011), Anatolia and Other Stories (2009), and the forthcoming novel Karachi Raj (2013). His work appears in Georgia Review, Southwest Review, Antioch Review, Quarterly West, Iowa Review, Threepenny Review, Boston Review, Harvard Review, Epoch, Agni, Fence, Subtropics, and many other journals. His new poetry manuscript is called Soraya, and he is at work on a novel called Abruzzi, 1936.