Call for Submissions: Borders

Portland Review welcomes submissions of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, translation, and mixed-genre works for online publication. We are specifically looking for works that creatively interrogate the theme of borders.

We’d hope to find work that explores borders, not as structures that operate as visible barriers, but those less seen: the lines between parent, child, and self; appetites and offerings; gender, bodies, and expectation; the subconscious, reality and its digitally augmented proxies. We’re particularly excited to read works that engage with the theme in ways beyond the topical. The unexpected is encouraged and appreciated.

Submission Window: January 1st-15th

Work must be original, unpublished, and follow our submission guidelines.

For over sixty years, Portland Review has published the works of emerging writers and artists alongside the works of well-established authors. We warmly encourage previously unpublished writers and artists to submit, and we aim to support work by those often marginalized in the artistic conversation, including (though certainly not limited to) people of color, women, disabled people, LGBTQIA people, and people with intersectional identities.