E-mail by Liang Yujing



everyday mails that gather in your mail box:

exotic mails in a good-looking language to test your imagination

ecclesiastical mails with an intent to convert you to their god

educational mails providing you with a variety of pay training courses

erotic mails with fake-breasted half-naked chicks on their covers

erroneously delivered mails with your address and strange names

empty mails that generously give you an assortment of well-designed envelopes

equivocal mails you rack your brain trying to figure out what they are for

they all e-mails, eccentric mails, emetic mails

luckily enough you have yet to receive an

explosive mail




I sent her an ear mail

she replied with an eye mail


then I delivered a hand mail

she wrote back an arm mail


once again I posted a lip mail

this time she answered by a tongue mail


this is how our love begins

all starting with e-mails

ear and eye mails




electronic mail

easy mail

effective mail

enduring mail

earnest mail

edifying mail

elegant mail

ecstatic mail


egoistic mail

effectless mail

ephemeral mail

embarrassing mail

estranging mail

envious mail

eat-the-air mail

evil mail




if possible, send me an e-mail

an eel mail

an egret mail

an ewe mail

an elk mail

an emu mail or even

an eagle mail

every one of them runs faster than

a snail mail

Born in Changde, China, Liang Yujing completed an MA in American Literature in Wuhan University in 2007. He writes in both English and Chinese. Liang Yujing is now working as an English teacher in Hunan Business College, China. His poetry in English has appeared or is forthcoming in Word Riot, Weyfarers, Peril, Tipton Poetry Journal and Wasafiri.