Call for Submissions

Dear Readers,

We hope you’re having a wonderful Fourth of July, whether it marks for you American independence, memories of having your dad hand you a match and tell you to light something and then run away from it really fast, or complete indifference.  We also hope that, no matter what your attitude towards America may be, you are anything but indifferent to poetry.  Here at the Review we’re excited to have the opportunity to publish about ten times as many poems as we were previously able to, due to the advent of our new poetry blog.  However, we suddenly have such a high demand for new poetry that we don’t have enough right now for our promised daily updates.  Poets of America, this is your Independence Day: submit, submit, submit!  Over on our Submishmash page we’ve set up a new area for online poetry submission, and we want to hear from you.  In the mean time, please enjoy the oratory of President Bill Pullman in lieu of your daily poem.