FUTURE GIRL by William Winfield Wright

She can only just go there.
That’s the super power.
Get on a plane or train,
even walk to the store and back
and it’s later, the future,
just like that. It’s not very
feminist, but she can sleep there
too, close her eyes and Shazam,
the next day, tomorrow.
It’s not that flashy. I’ve seen her
do it standing in the kitchen,
and we’ve had that conversation
about secret identities and rebranding.
Now Woman, Ms. Present, nah.
What would be nice is if
she could turn it on and off.
What’s today? Tuesday. Again?
But every hero has her burdens.
Batman’s parents are still dead,
Wonder Woman doesn’t really
have any friends, and Cat Woman
exercises twice a day and has to get a sitter
even to rob a simple bank vault.