Fourteen by Jacob Newberry

After Raoul Schrott

The sound of running ˙ upheaving of gravel˙

upwind he asks Where are you hiding ˙ the leaves are old˙

like winter at my feet ˙ falling ˙ though I am far away ˙

he asks˙ Where have you gone ˙ I must stay ˙ falling ˙ in

this place before he
finds me ˙ and says to me again ˙ his hand on

my head again ˙ That’s a good girl ˙ in this thorn-bush ˙

he’ll find me˙  we’ll bleed together then ˙ calling ˙ Let’s

finish what you started ˙ calling ˙ where is the god of

thorns ˙ I know you didn’t get far girl ˙ his running black

down his face and see mine red ˙ calling ˙ so hold me

then ˙
and next time I’ll be out faster ˙ here you are ˙

make it to that tupelo ˙ I’ll climb he’ll shout Come down

˙ you are˙ I’ll remember the day ˙ back again ˙ carrying

my brother through the branches once ˙ taste your ˙ I

stayed while he slept there in my arms ˙ the leaves like

summer in my hair ˙ our mother frying plantains

through the window at dusk