The Other Part of Time by Lydia Ship

My family made a bigger family to seek out the purest sighting. We tried to grow our family to as many members as possible, and we met in each other’s houses every night. We built a building and made maps. We posted the maps everywhere on the walls of the building. By then many families were our families, and we had to give them instructions they could use to build maps and know everything we’d learned. We met in the building and discussed every part of what we knew extensively. We wrote down all our thoughts and compared them to everyone else’s thoughts. We began to define in more articulate ways. We walked from house to house to house inviting people to our building and telling them what we’d discovered. In this way, we met more people than we’d otherwise meet in our entire lives. Some of them came to our building. We ate in our building and talked. Clearly, finally, we held a pure understanding, which would grow still purer, and ever more pure. Wait.