Abecedarian to Unbind

Zygal: H-formed as in
yokes, unions. Ours
xanthic against a rusty
wall and ten rungs tall, the
very ladder of our decade. Untether that wood, your word.
Take back better, worse,
sickness, health.
Remove the ring. I won’t ask
questions: why, who, when.
Pick necessities: enamel dutch
oven, Miyazaki films,
New York photos. And step down.
May you descend
leaving no marks. We both
know love’s eclipsed by rotted
joints, that misaligned angles
interfere with anniversaries.
Honor the splinters, ache of
gradual ascent, the view, just
forget the full circle unless
end means beginning. I release
dusk’s hot promises. Seek
clarity. You’re no longer my
breath. May these lines
ax, split, divide, annul. Amen.

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