Winter 2016: Celebrating Sixty Years

Volume 62.1

  • Kristen Arnett, “Cut Out of the Belly”
  • Michael Julian Arnett, “A Little Night Music”
  • Janelle Beasley, “Dream Room”, “Floral Diagnosis”, “I’m Tired of the Tidiness”, “I Told You I Had Nothing to Say”, “Pink is Pure Joy!”, “Something Wrong Here”, “This is No Place to Read”, “Caylin Capra-Thomas”, “Friends Long Absent are Coming Back to You”
  • Ian Carr, “Physical Therapy”, “The Children Can Live Here“, “The Shape of Water”
  • Jeff Chon, “Show Me Where to Look”
  • Stephen Cloud, “Haibun: Bashō’s Last Journey
  • Heather Durham, “Baptisms”
  • Josh Gray, “Pink Belly”
  • Rage Hezekiah, “Learning About Boys”, “Life Science“, “Temperance”
  • Brad Johnson, “A Matter of Tides”
  • Jason M. Jones, “A River Full of Lost Sharks”
  • Shane Jones, “Lt. JLJ”
  • Cynthia Kolanowski, “As Seen on TV”
  • Tessa Livingstone, “Olive Jar,” “Weiss Haar
  • Judy T. Oldfield, “Definitions of a Marriage
  • Dov Weinman, “The Familiar Day”
  • Erik Wennermark, “Essay to the Exhibition, Croatian Drug Camp”