Winter 2015

Volume 61.2

  • Thomas Gillaspy, “View”
  • Stephen Benz, “Border Crossings, 1981”
  • Stephen Langlois, “About the Smell”
  • Zachary Cosby, “The Hurricane of Dead Deer has Finally Passed”
  • Chrys Tobey, “One Morning”
  • Ranbir Singh Sidhu, “Athens at Night, 2012” (series)
  • Katharine Blake McFarland, “The Eggshell Plaintiff”
  • Jennifer Leah Büchi, “The Sacred Unpapering”, “Coping with Nightmares (And Other Phenomena)”
  • Gabe Herron, “Racoonish”
  • Benjamin Goodney, “Hypothesis”, “In Theory”
  • Emmett Haq, “Railroad Worm”
  • Jessalyn Wakefield, “from Godhood: 048″, “from Godhood: 052″
  • Lynda Sexson, “The Three Hundred Bears”
  • Brian Clifton, “Apocalypse With Gnats”, “Apocalypse With The Devil”
  • Caitlin Crowley, “Gone (Student Loans)”
  • Michael Cooper, “#10 I Choose You I Choose You I Choose”, “#8 Agnes, Merci”
  • Michael Larson, “Of God and Water”
  • Laura Maylene Walter, “No Dog”
  • Jaydn DeWald, “The End”
  • Selena DiGiovanni, “Fortitude”