Winter 2013

Volume 59.1

  • Lidia Yuknavitch, “The Man in the Woods”
  • Alyse Knorr, “Alice in Fatherland”, “Alice’s Childhood”, “Alice Rides the Gravity Train”
  • Paige Einstein, “45”
  • Michael Cooper, “Prosthetics”
  • John James, “The Healers”, “After Guatemala”
  • Jenna Kilic, “Vermillion Mile”, “The Honeysuckle Hour”
  • Stephen March, “Penguins”
  • Sarah Stickney, “The Incandescence of Indoor Gardening”, “[People Walk the Hospital Gardens]”
  • Kevin Sampsell, “Goodbye Womb”
  • Scott McKowen, “Lost in Pennsylvania”
  • Lisa Wells, “The Powers that Be”, “Envy”
  • Reagan Louise Wilson, “Frank”
  • Ted Mathys, “Twombly’s Leda On Thunderlake Trail”, “Deadhorse Trail”
  • Johanna DeBiase, “Isabel and Stanley”
  • Dana Rost, “Corvidae”
  • Heather Hughes, “Refused”
  • Greg Allendorf, “White Trash Exaltation”
  • Evan Cleveland, “Parting Gifts”
  • John Findura, “I Never Should Have Left Paterson”, “Summer 1982”
  • Lynn Pass, “Night Return”
  • Annie McGreevy, “Letter to a Young Man in Madrid”
  • Changming Yuan, “Y”, “Skyline”
  • Joe Betz, “The Gesture Meaning Now”, “How To Catch / A Falling Pear”
  • Kait Heacock, “Father and Daughter”
  • Erik Mutzke, “Study In Value”
  • Genevieve Hudson, “Something to be Nervous About”