Fall 2010/Winter 2011

Volume 57.2

  • Joe Betz, “Mother’s Expensive Purse”
  • Wendy Bourgeois, “Dear Woman”
  • Matty Byloos, “Tons Confessions: Happily Stained”
  • Shayok Chowdhury, “Upon Telling My Cousin I’m Moving Back to America For a Man”
  • T. Zachary Cotler, “We Had a Word For the Two of Us”
  • Chris Cottrell, “i eat a fig and think”, “Scientists Find the Oldest Living Animal, Then Kill It”, “thought process”, and “now & later”
  • Donald Dunbar, “Untitled”
  • Amy Harper, “Lions”
  • Mark Harwood, “Sepia” and “Finding My Father Alone”
  • Ursula K. Le Guin, “Greater Forest” and “The Fall of the City”
  • Theodore McDermott, “Animatronics”
  • Jennifer McGaha, “Fundraising”
  • Stewart Minze, “L.A.”, “Critique at the Poetry Workshop”, and “Department 95”
  • Susan Sarver, “Always, Every, Only”
  • Conor Teevan, “He Said She Said”
  • Carlin Twedt, “From a Boy Scout Freshman”