Posts tagged Winter 2016

The Children Can Live Here by Ian Carr

I could live in the descending chords of a seventies serenade, / the spacious tawny bars breaking the light into golden bricks. / I would have been at the guitar all day while / you went to your class and gathered flowers in a / clutch of muslin on your way home…

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Haibun: Bashō’s Last Journey by Stephen Cloud

Late autumn, a day of mist and rain keeping me indoors. I think of Bashō at the outset of his final journey: taking up the walking stick, crossing the threshold. All day long I have sat by the window watching rain, reading The Narrow Road, strumming the guitar. Outside, dead leaves have piled up, vines have lost their bloom. In a nearby field, cranes pick through harvest remains without concern for the downpour…

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Life Science by Rage Hezekiah

I plucked an owl pellet from the ground / cradling it, delicate, as if a palm-sized bird / and not the mass of bones and fur purged / from a second stomach. In science class / as a girl, I learned these dark forms teemed / with the remnants of undigested pieces…

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