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Business and Sales by Mike Corrao

“The third indicator of spring is the arrival of prospective businessmen. They enter the woods and go from tree to tree, soliciting ‘lucrative opportunities’ to the area. One of them had long legs and a short torso. His skin was smooth and reflective.”

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Nowhere Girls by Chelsea Harris

“The girls grew up too fast, painted their eyes with glitter on Halloween and vanished under black cloaks and lace stockings, hiding their long faces and broken cherries from the boys sleeping in shadows outside Mr. Pink’s Deli, the lingerie shop on Seventh Avenue, their front step once their daddies turned the light out.”

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The Dragon

Arthur awakes in the golden wood. He has dreamed of a silver cup or a stone that fell from the sky. He cannot remember which and wonders if it matters. The campfire has gone out….

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