Summer 2013

Volume 59.3

  • Jeff Alessandrelli, “The Day of Wine & Roses [Every bridge is born]”, “The Day of Wine & Roses [Three Men Carrying a Black Goat]”, “Missed Connection”
  • T. Cooper, “The First 48”, “My Number”
  • Dan Coxon, “Not the End of the World”
  • Graham Dethmers, “Such Whiteness Lies”
  • Melissa Febos, “Anna, Apple”
  • Casey Fuller, “Alternate Bio 1”, “Alternate Bio 8”, “Alternate Bio 44”
  • Allison Glock, “How an Arranged Marriage Was Proposed”
  • Allison Glock & Ashley Addair, “Excerpts from An Arranged Marriage”
  • Breach, “Cherokee”, “Mankind”, “Anniversary”
  • Martha Grover, “Bonfire, 1998”
  • Raquel Gutiérrez, “Radical Narcissism”
  • Rachel Kartz, “Clow Air”
  • Andrew Mayo, “End of an Era”, “Die Like Mice”
  • Anna-Marie McLemore, “Muñeca de papel, cuatro”, “How to Make a Mexican Paper Doll”
  • Michelle Muldrow, “Field Study 1”, “Altar in Orange”, “Akron Secondary Strip”, “The Temporal”
  • John Repp, “Trucking Flowers to the Dump on a Day Like No Other”, “Idaho”
  • Julia Tatiyatrairong, “Double Self-Portrait”
  • Sara Whitestone, “The Silencer”
  • Wendy Willis, “Logger’s Wife Knits Socks for Thomas Jefferson”, “Logger’s Wife Boils Salt for Solstice”
  • Sara Young, “Long Pelvis”, “Ribbing”