Summer 2010

Volume 57.1

  • Joseph Alexander, “Aunt Sylvia’s Reclining Nudes”
  • Deborah Baker, “Marta”
  • Tim Barnes, “Derridada and Other Scenes” and “While Waiting of the Moon When”
  • DJ Berger, “The Roof”
  • Holly Day, “Rebirth” and “Ray”
  • Max Delgado, “1986”
  • Ed Fischer, “What We’re Here For”
  • Robert Funge, “On the Coast Starlight” and “Postcard From the Train”
  • Ted Gilley, “A Parting” and “Remaindered”
  • Elise Glassman, “Death, Blood and the Resurrection”
  • Evan Hansen, “Dear Boss” and “Liminal Season”
  • Andrew Hole, “the comedian” and “The Woman of Surfaces”
  • John Joshua, “An Intimation of Mortality” and “Brother’s Keeper”
  • Pierre-Albert Jourdan, trans. John Taylor, “From Journal Pages, 1981″
  • Thomas David List, “Toggle a List, Man”
  • Michael Malan, “A New Language”, “Between the Body and the Window is a New Recognition”, “The End of Time” and “Relentless Spirit”
  • Errol Miller, “Stormy Weather” and “Dismantling the Dream Machine”
  • Keith Montesano, “Richmond International Airport”, “Variation on a Landscape” and “Our Conversation About You Working at an Abortion Clinic”
  • Dan Moreau, “Lady Lightbulb and Dick Dickless”
  • Gwynn O’Gara, “To an Ordinary Woman”
  • Donna Pucciani, “Padre Ernesto Peels an Apple”
  • Samuel Stenger Renken, “What to Give a Woman” and “Truck Stop Egg”
  • John J. Ronan, “Paris”
  • Cassie Schmitz, “Miracle” and “Porcelain”
  • Chuck Teixeira, “Triptych in Anthracite”
  • Clay Waters, “The Apartments in the Sky” and “The Killer Takes a Wife”
  • Doog T. Wood, “Outside El Khemis” and “A Town, A Cemetery”