Spring 2016: Celebrating Sixty Years

Volume 62.2

  • John Abbott, “Bay Windows”
  • Sarah Aronson, “Woman Standing on Rocks in Front of the Mendenhall Glacier”
  • Lauren Cooper, “Ocean City”
  • Vanessa Goddard, “Latency”
  • Doris Iarovici, “One Way It Could Happen”
  • Danny Judge, “Me and My Friends, We’re Animals
  • KC Kirkley, “A Secondhand Love”
  • Julia Koets, “Astronomy of the Closet: Seven Axioms”, “Eros, as Recliner (after Havertys’ Eros)”
  • Amanda Marbais, “Battery
  • Annie Olson, “Cascade Country”
  • Tatyana Ostapenko, “April Road”, “Barricade”, “Bench at Noon”, “Family”, “Fountain”, “Matinee”, “Milk Cans”, “Procession”, “Recruits”, “Soviet Suburbs”, “Stretch”, “Tractor”, “Women’s Business”
  • Claire Rychlewski, “Pink Line”
  • Glenn Shaheen, “Festival of Lights
  • Bob Sykora, “Daffodil”
  • Tamar Telian, “White Monarch
  • Z.G. Tomaszewski, “Roadkill”