Spring 2013

Volume 59.2

  • Erin Fox Ocón, “Niebla”
  • Patrick Haas, “The Most Ridiculous Thing I Ever Heard”, “Newly Wed and Newly Housed”
  • Edie Fake, “Floral 4”, “Floral 5”, “Floral 8”
  • Emily Kendal Frey, “Love is a Crystal that hands at the Entrance to the Cave”, “The Bee Problem”
  • April Rosemary Ehrlich, “How to Kiss With Passion”
  • Karen Eileen Sisk, “Kirk Takes Me to the Woodshed”
  • Ed McCourt, “The Poet to the Philosopher”
  • Chelsea Bieker, “Dominos”
  • Kati Carloni, “Untitled”, “Stationless”
  • Susan V. Meyers, “Even Now”
  • David Biespiel, “To Farnsworth from Bar Avignon”, “To Bebe from the Cannery Pier Hotel”
  • Jason Lee Riggen, “Check Me Out”, “Dreary”
  • Brendon Barnes, “The Mongoose Villain”
  • Paulann Petersen, “Perspective”, “What Memory is”
  • Willa Schneberg, “Live Incubator Baby Owl Only 25 Cents!”, “Post-its”, “Ben Schneberg Writes to Emily Dickinson”
  • Daniel Tyx, “Mistaken Identities”
  • Trisha M. Cowen, “Breaking the Banana Tree”
  • Jess Feldman, “Urchin Outside Kyoto”, “A Wharf with Birds”, “It could happen.”
  • Brad Adkins, “Keys to My Parents’ House”
  • Jon Raymond, “The Bullshit Artist: Brad Adkins”