Fall 2011: The Film & Video Issue

Volume 58.1

  • David Archer, “Rich & Famous”
  • Ana García Bergua, trans. Toshiya Kamei, “What if I Don’t Open My Eyes”
  • Sean Bernard, “California”
  • J. Bowers, “Motion Studies”
  • Jaime Shearn Coan, “Even You” and “Maya Deren’s Key”
  • Sascha Elise Cohen, “To Blockbuster and Back”
  • Dennis Hinrichsen, “White Heat”
  • Rochelle Hurt, “Dorothy Tries”
  • Michael Magnes, “Mike J. Grey Interviewed”
  • Sarah Marshall, “Bernie Slein Interviewed”
  • Isaac Mayo, “Such an Easy Gig”
  • Christopher Miller, “Laughter in the Age of Television”
  • Daniel Mollet, “Every Writer Who’s Ever Had a Novel Adapted to the Big  Screen Interviewed”
  • Hannah Sanghee Park, “Under a Lens  We are All Under a Lens (Z-A, Z-A)” and “The Honor of the Fairest/The Horror of the Forest”
  • Joey Slamon, “The War for Media Formatting”
  • Sara Sutter, “Still Life: To Study Poetry”
  • Natasha Vargas-Cooper, “Uncaged Heart”
  • Nicholas YB Wong, “My Own Private Brokeback Mountain and Epoch of Metallic Migration”
  • Kirby Wright, “Bell’s Palsy”