Winter 2016

Volume 62.1

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Kristen Arnett
Cut Out of the Belly
Michael Julian Arnett
A Little Night Music
Janelle Beasley
Dream Room
Floral Diagnosis
I’m Tired of the Tidiness
I Told You I Had Nothing to Say
Pink is Pure Joy!
Something Wrong Here
This is No Place to Read
Caylin Capra-Thomas
Friends Long Absent are Coming Back to You
Ian Carr
Physical Therapy
The Children Can Live Here
The Shape of Water
Jeff Chon
Show Me Where to Look
Stephen Cloud
Haibun: Bashō’s Last Journey
Heather Durham
Josh Gray
Pink Belly
Rage Hezekiah
Learning About Boys
Life Science
Brad Johnson
A Matter of Tides
Jason M. Jones
A River Full of Lost Sharks
Shane Jones
Cynthia Kolanowski
As Seen on TV
Tessa Livingstone
Olive Jar
Weiss Haar
Judy T. Oldfield
Definitions of a Marriage
Dov Weinman
The Familiar Day
Erik Wennermark
Essay to the Exhibition, Croatian Drug Camp
Winter 2016
Cover art: "Pink is Pure Joy!" by Janelle Beasley