Winter 2015

Volume 61.2

Thomas Gillaspy
Stephen Benz
Border Crossings, 1981
Stephen Langlois
About the Smell
Zachary Cosby
The Hurricane of Dead Deer has Finally Passed
Chrys Tobey
One Morning
Ranbir Singh Sidhu
Athens at Night, 2012 (series)
Katharine Blake McFarland
The Eggshell Plaintiff
Jennifer Leah Büchi
The Sacred Unpapering
Coping with Nightmares (And Other Phenomena)
Gabe Herron
Benjamin Goodney
In Theory
Emmett Haq
Railroad Worm
Jessalyn Wakefield
from Godhood: 048
from Godhood: 052
Lynda Sexson
The Three Hundred Bears
Brian Clifton
Apocalypse With Gnats
Apocalypse With The Devil
Caitlin Crowley
Gone (Student Loans)
Michael Cooper
#10 I Choose You I Choose You I Choose
#8 Agnes, Merci
Michael Larson
Of God and Water
Laura Maylene Walter
No Dog
Jaydn DeWald
The End
Selena DiGiovanni
Winter 2015
Cover art: "View" by Thomas Gillaspy