Winter 2014

Volume 60.2

Wayne F. Burke
Untitled (Pen & Ink)
Early Morning, Prout’s Neck, ME
Paul C. Dalmas
Taxi Dance
Sarah Ann Winn
Ezra Pound at the Pound
Tina Tocco
Krista Marie DeBehnke
The Day You Said You Wanted to Leave […]
Hannah Evans
Carrie Seitzinger
This Was the Cage Your Freedom Flew To
Matty Byloos
The Water Trick
Erwin Tres Roemer III
Caught in the Net
Dicko King
John W. Barrios
The Man Said
Aleksandra Lundina
Side by Side
Mark Svenvold
Q: Who (The Hell) Is Marvin?
Tammy Lynne Stoner
Ava’s Third Leg
Erika Schnatz
Emily Dickinson
Edgar Allan Poe
Stephen Silke
Kiik Araki-Kawaguchi
Over the Fence and into the Desert
Pecos B. Jett
Pavlov’s Smokeshop
In the Shower
Joel Sherman
Jen Muir
Vladimir Swirynsky
Wheat For Bread
Samuel Snoek-Brown
Brad Aaron
Medical Dictionary: Definition of Nyrompia
Valerie Cumming
Max Kostaras
Devout Thug
Justin Runge
Ryan Dempsey
A Simple Thing
M.P. Jones IV
Morning Otology
Elison Alcovendaz
The Post-it
Doug Ramspeck
Mud Voice
John Gifford
There’s a Word for That
Judith Skillman
Kafka’s Wound
M.F. Corwin
In This Not Quite Prose Way
(Review of Winterward by William Stafford)
Brian Tibbetts
A Place Beyond Words
(Review of The Painted Bird by Jerzy Kosiński)
Winter 2014
Cover art: "Untitled" by Wayne F. Burke