Spring 2015

Volume 61.3

  • Claire Menegatti, “Adventure”, “I Am Not Your Queen”, “Harp II”
  • Terrell Jamal Terry, “Cartoon Disaster”
  • Zachary Leven, “Dating Sender”
  • Tina Garvin Curtis, “Flooded Mansions”
  • Stephanie Friedman, “Monsters of the Deep”
  • Matthew Roskowski, “Ughhhh Ugh”
  • Sarah Anne Childers, “Origin Story”
  • Lily Brooks-Dalton, excerpt from Motorcycles I’ve Loved
  • Kevin Gwozdz, “Time Dilation”, “Scattering and Absorption”
  • Marilyn Stablein, “Eye of Invention”
  • Amber Parker, “WoW”
  • Liz Warren-Pederson, “The Unsatisfactory Conclusion”
  • Ryan Saul Cunningham, “Rough Sketch of the Concept of Infinity”, “Not Everybody Reads”, “Simile*”
  • Michael Mau, “Sleepwalker X”
  • Allen Forrest, “Berlin in the 1920s #2”
  • M. J. Arlett, “Salina, Kansas”, “Max’s Mum”, “Syed Kashif Raza” (trans. Haider Shahbaz), “Poem on Pakistani Music”, “Allow Me to Build a Ship”
  • Steve Bourdeau, “Bottom Feeder”
  • Dr. Ernest Williamson III, “Soul of a Mannequin”
  • Brian Tibbetts, “The Face”
  • Ariel Francisco, “Reading Keats at Freeman Station”
  • Chanomi Maxwell-Parish, “Return”