Spring 2015

Volume 61.3

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Claire Menegatti
I Am Not Your Queen
Harp II
Terrell Jamal Terry
Cartoon Disaster
Zachary Leven
Dating Sender
Tina Garvin Curtis
Flooded Mansions
Stephanie Friedman
Monsters of the Deep
Matthew Roskowski
Ughhhh Ugh
Sarah Anne Childers
Origin Story
Lily Brooks-Dalton
excerpt from Motorcycles I’ve Loved
Kevin Gwozdz
Time Dilation
Scattering and Absorption
Marilyn Stablein
Eye of Invention
Amber Parker
Liz Warren-Pederson
The Unsatisfactory Conclusion
Ryan Saul Cunningham
Rough Sketch of the Concept of Infinity
Not Everybody Reads
Michael Mau
Sleepwalker X
Allen Forrest
Berlin in the 1920s #2
M. J. Arlett
Salina, Kansas
Max’s Mum
Syed Kashif Raza (trans. Haider Shahbaz)
Poem on Pakistani Music
Allow Me to Build a Ship
Steve Bourdeau
Bottom Feeder
Dr. Ernest Williamson III
Soul of a Mannequin
Brian Tibbetts
The Face
Ariel Francisco
Reading Keats at Freeman Station
Chanomi Maxwell-Parish
Spring 2015
Cover art: "Adventure" by Claire Menegatti