Spring 2014

Volume 60.3

Clinton Inman
Elba in Red
Susan L. Lin
The Water’s in My Face and I’m Swallowing
Jordi Alonso
Fragment 55
Zach VandeZande
The Artist Requires Your Dissent
Brian Anderson
If I Sit Still Long Enough
Jeffrey Sass
Nathan Alling Long
Lindsey and I
Andrea Spofford
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Mason Hiatt
Idée Fixe
Joanna Rose
Katherine Lien Cariott
Old China Hands
Danèlle Stamps
Ossabaw Graveyard
Shawn Rubenfeld
Two Across
Jon-Michael Frank
Life is an Incredible Journey
My Life
David Kear
Satori at the Super J
LaTanya McQueen
Fifteen Attempts At Truth
Magdalen Powers
Dreamland of Heaven
Jacob Bedlion
Going Home
Marvin Shackelford
After Care
Erika Schnatz
Edgar Allan Poe from the Waist Down
Sabrina Parys
I Am Not Writing
(Review of Ticklish Animal by Robert Duncan Gray)
Brian Tibbetts
Subject and Form
(Review of The Homeboy Songs by Robert Lashley)
M. F. Corwin
The Most Useless Genius
(Review of Insel by Mina Loy)
Spring 2014
Cover art: "Elba in Red" [Reversed] by Clinton Inman