Spring 2014

Volume 60.3

  • Clinton Inman, “Elba in Red”
  • Susan L. Lin, “The Water’s in My Face and I’m Swallowing”
  • Jordi Alonso, “Fragment 55”
  • Zach VandeZande, “The Artist Requires Your Dissent”
  • Brian Anderson, “If I Sit Still Long Enough”
  • Jeffrey Sass, “Typewriters”
  • Nathan Alling Long, “Lindsey and I”
  • Andrea Spofford, “[Lexical Database]”
  • Mason Hiatt, “Idée Fixe”
  • Joanna Rose, “Cartoons”
  • Katherine Lien Cariott, “Old China Hands”
  • Danèlle Stamps, “Ossabaw Graveyard”
  • Shawn Rubenfeld, “Two Across”
  • Jon-Michael Frank, “Life is an Incredible Journey”, “My Life”
  • David Kear, “Satori at the Super J”
  • LaTanya McQueen, “Fifteen Attempts At Truth”
  • Magdalen Powers, “Dreamland of Heaven”
  • Jacob Bedlion, “Going Home”
  • Marvin Shackelford, “After Care”
  • Erika Schnatz, “Edgar Allan Poe from the Waist Down”
  • Sabrina Parys, “I Am Not Writing (Review of Ticklish Animal by Robert Duncan Gray)”
  • Sophia Pfaff Shalmiyev, “A Loving Sister, A Fighter (Review of Autobiography of a Blue-Eyed Devil by Inga Muscio)
  • Brian Tibbetts, “Subject and Form (Review of The Homeboy Songs by Robert Lashley)”
  • M. F. Corwin, “The Most Useless Genius (Review of Insel by Mina Loy)”