Fall 2014

Volume 61.1

Ira Joel Haber
Low Landscape (detail)
Floor Pieces
Beth Sherman
Hampshire Gray
Katie Prince
We Call Man an Insect Infinite
Poem In Which The Sun Is A Balding And Jealous Lover
Kelsay Myers
Like An Angel On The Balcony
Charissa Che
Calder Sculpture in Lincoln Center
Rupprecht Mayer
Beak Man and the Girl
Tod Marshall
Crash, With Revisions
☹ ☹ ☹
Davon Loeb
Alabama Fire Ants
Ruth Irving
Courtney Bird
On River Road
Alex McElroy
Andrew Zachary Defends His Good name
Peter Burzynski
from Fragments from an Autobiography
Where The Sea Meets The Spry
Sasha LaPointe
Blood Running
Savannah Johnston
Lyzette Wanzer
Molasses Sugar
Pablo Piñero Stillmann
The Warrior and the Gerund
Anna Meister
Dead Brothers
Christopher Woods
Richard Prins
Finished Sentences in Dar es Salaam
Richard Weems
Ben Merriman
Chicago: Four Half Dialogues
Robert Duncan Gray
VHS Dream
Fall 2014
Cover art: "Ron" by Ira Joel Haber