Fall 2014

Volume 61.1

  • Ira Joel Haber, “Ron”, “Low Landscape (detail)”, “Floor Pieces”
  • Beth Sherman, “Hampshire Gray”
  • Katie Prince, “We Call Man an Insect Infinite”, “Poem In Which The Sun Is A Balding And Jealous Lover”
  • Kelsay Myers, “Like An Angel On The Balcony”
  • Charissa Che, “Calder Sculpture in Lincoln Center”
  • Rupprecht Mayer, “Beak Man and the Girl”
  • Tod Marshall, “Crash, With Revisions”, “☹ ☹ ☹”
  • Davon Loeb, “Alabama Fire Ants”
  • Ruth Irving, “Mongoose, “Kangaroo Mouse
  • Courtney Bird, “On River Road”
  • Alex McElroy, “Andrew Zachary Defends His Good Name”
  • Peter Burzynski, “from Fragments from an Autobiography”, “Where The Sea Meets The Spry”
  • Sasha LaPointe, “Blood Running”
  • Savannah Johnston, “Missing”
  • Lyzette Wanzer, “Molasses Sugar”, “Pablo Piñero Stillmann”, “The Warrior and the Gerund”
  • Anna Meister, “Dead Brothers”, “Christopher Woods”, “The Evening House
  • Richard Prins, “Finished Sentences in Dar es Salaam”
  • Richard Weems, “Reincarnation”
  • Ben Merriman, “Chicago: Four Half Dialogues”
  • Robert Duncan Gray, “VHS Dream”