Fall 2013

Volume 60.1

Trevor Dodge
Emily Stern
Michael Harrell
Lauren Camp
On the Telephone
Ivan de Monbrison
Miles Klee
Sara Nelson
A.M. O’Malley
To Foster is to Cultivate
My Mother’s Second Husband
Aaron Brown
Writing the In-Between: A Life of Movement, and the Myth of Homeland
Sandra Irwin
Sharon DeBartolo Carmack
Daughtered Out
Dmitry Borshch
Erin J. Bernard
Helday de la Cruz
The Aging Face
Kellelynne H. Riley
Michael McGregor
Valerie Fioravanti
Vanessa Mártir
On Motherhood and Writing and Why We Sacrifice
Alida Bystrom
The Cock Room
Bradley K. Rosen
The Camera
Natalie Taylor
William Verdigris
Wampum and Beavers
Gabriel Blackwell
from Madeleine E.
Fall 2013
Cover art: "Charlie" by Michael Paulus