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Introducing the 2018-19 Editors

Since 1956, Portland Review has created a space for students at Portland State University to gain collaborative publishing experience, while at the same time, contributing to the broader landscape of contemporary literature. Our magazine is excited to once again head into a new year of discovering exceptional work and bringing it to publication. Here is an introduction to our incoming editors of the 2019 issue, currently…

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The Resilience of Writers Who Continue to Submit

One of the most difficult aspects of writing to publish is the seemingly endless number of submissions sent out, only to be responded to with varying degrees of “sorry, try again.” We at Portland Review are inspired by and support the resilience of the writers who push through and continue to submit. When that letter or email of acceptance finally arrives, it is accompanied by elation and a renewed…

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10 Tips for Public Reading

As I finish up my first year in Portland State University’s MFA in creative writing program, I still find myself wondering how writers work up the courage to read their work to a live audience. I’ve learned that when writing for the ear, simplicity in language is easier for the brain to comprehend, as are sentence constructions that front-load the verb. Since we have evolved to rely…

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