Comes and Goes by Ora and Benny Segalis

  — Benny Segalis was born in Jerusalem and attended the School of Arts at Washington University in St Louis, Parsons School of Art, The New School, and Chicago Art Institute. Her work was exhibited in San Francisco, Art Basel Miami, Melbourne, St. Louis, Chicago, Tel Aviv, New York, and Ein Hod. Ora Segalis works in many private collections, including in Australia, Switzerland, Mexico, Miami,…

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The Powder-Men in the Trees by Jeff Frawley

We live along the lush-dry corridor, blocks up from the Train Mouth. After school, flouting rules, we walk Akela Road. Heat splits our nostrils. Dirt browns our undies.  Dogs leer and nip. These are dry-boy and dry-girl problems not suffered on the lush side. Trains rumble through the Train Mouth, met by men with prods. Crates of goods discharged. A massive chainlink fence: thirty feet…

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Portland Review Receives 2019 Literary Magazine Fund Grant

Portland Review has received a Literary Magazine Fund grant, awarded through the Community of Literary Magazines and Presses (CLMP) An inaugural fund provided through the Amazon Literary Partnership, the grant is offered in support of publications, both large and small-scale, who champion diverse voices and help sustain literary culture in their communities. As part of our ongoing mission of compensating contributors and building vital dialogue through…

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