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Breakdown at Insurance Firm

he thinks fluorescence might be a blizzard, and snow angels could be sculpted in the drifts. the only escape he has. it lunges out of the delinquency of his Id, disrupting the algorithm of the actuarial, turning the straight lines from his pencil lead into jump ropes. his only dream. the rest of his head dull. tonnages of pig iron…. Read more →

Patterns In Rotting Wood

gills, scabs, cuts, cyrillics not found in vacua, dark matter or nix. fingernails, orts, hemidemi- semiquavers, brawl of apostrophes, crows-feet circling grandmothers’ chins, duck/rabbit blitz, codex of muzzles losing shape, Ark’s freckle and Hyde. kiss the wood, hold hear scratch, scent its zinc lichen— trace the threads Atropos snipped, spiraling up a crush of graves, obelisks and cairns, amphoras and… Read more →

Sunset Behind Coal Plant

a fish cloud chafes purples, stubs rubies, cinctures a toe of moon, as starlings exhale through its fluffed ribs like bitumen. the ocean weltering below, rambunctious fidget of dip and teat, checkerboard slip-sloshing into mutual puzzles, jags that rear into each others’manes, scepters, shreds and deaths. and cormorants like oboes that got stuck in the slurries and devolved into coughing,… Read more →