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Tonguing My Tumblr Dashboard

Exquisite: tonguing                    tongue-              ing                               ton-                                              ging ton-       gue-     in-          g ***                *Angels: we                                                             have                                                             heard                                              (on                       high)*                when we        pass    through                one another:                knowledge                                                             transience                                                                            :                                                             transparency                                              my                forehead                                  lingers                                            inside             your                                   heart-space   *** Experience:… Read more →

from The World Encyclopedia of Ideophones

ch’izh — (Navajo) the rustling of dry leaves A thicket of birds frightened in the night, but then what of the wings? Tongues by day wrestle with the dry leaves each are left with to digress into verse; bustling, fussing, prattling; the skin moves about in fine linens, there is the skin beneath, much less calm than what appears; a… Read more →

Of Shells

As scale of balance. As object hollowed, emptied of its mass. As framework, mere externality without substance; as in the outer part. Received unto windows as indecent allusion; as glass in its two halves. As if edifice or fabric whose interior, removed is now merely an arc. As skeletal or concessive to such regression. Remains of a ship once carved… Read more →