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Kelsey Camacho
When you first find it with the rest of the kids in your neighborhood, you will be fourteen. The lot is overgrown and lakeside. You will notice the waist-high grass and missing wood panels from the dock, and you will begin to think that the property is fading in to itself. It has gone unclaimed for years. You and your friends will step over the fraying rope that sags under the weight of a No Trespassing sign because you are young and just starting to learn the true meaning behind signs like these: Look inside. Find something that is not always visible to anyone else. The boys will go first because they always do. They will run down the uneven dirt slope, slipping on the ridges jutting out like ribcages of the earth. You will follow them with the rest of the girls be [...]
Andie Francis
Where would an astronaut park her space ship? Considering she has pushed her bowling ball in anticipation of its collision, and life forms gather to hear Jailhouse Rock, the void is not completely empty. She is suspended with her back to an earth that won’t listen. Atoms, she thinks, [...]
Regina Ernst
1 A kettle of turkey vultures is doing that thing. They soar in one place, black wings widespread, catching the updraft to nowhere, stuck in the blue expanse like freckles on a face. They form no shape, but are framed between two tall buildings, air conditioning units [...]
Edie Rylander
You were so nice it jawed my jugular and has yet to let go. Eating ice cream with you makes me suspicious. Your beard has taken up residency in the upper left ventricle of my heart. A nest of finches in your beard. A small colony of mites in the feathers of the finches. I want to hang a No Vacancy sign on my chest. [...]
Anne Charlton
There are old subway tickets taped to my refrigerator. One still holds three trips’ fare left over from a visit with you. I think of all the time holed up there, all that steeled thundering [...]
Sophia Pfaff Shalmiyev
a review of Inga Muscio's Autobiography of a Blue-Eyed Devil: My Life and Times in a Racist, Imperialist Society I was doing acid with my boyfriend in B Dorm at T [...]
Joel Sherman
I watched as my younger sister Gertie reached out to grab the cicada. I can see it now, plain as day, the copper-veined wings, the devil-red eyes. It was sitting on the woodpile against the side of our house. I was standing right at her shoulder when it happened. It was my idea to catch the cicada in the first place. Neither of us had ever seen o [...]
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