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Dean A. Brink
—after John Ashbery The city dealt the peninsula a zoo, widening trails for joggers to get sidetracked. Clouds of arsenic stacked up at the hips of docks, sifted into furrows leaching into leeks and parsley. How is this double-talk, following your margin of error to hold on to a passing scent on congested walks where we shuffle to miss each [...]
Dean A. Brink
—after John Ashbery As long as the soft touch of the Pacific bellies up tufts on yonder cliffs and the Philippine plate rumbles skyward he says he’ll take the family out of familiar as boarding schools and long commutes left only tablet time aboard tour buses bounding inland— caves to native hunting grounds, ravines following erosion to the [...]
Jill Khoury
In my dog brain I am easily loved or mauled. In my dog brain I sense I’m sealed inside something metal, air temperature rising. my I-ness keeps sloughing The subject’s position : kennel, wire door, bloodflecked. hyper       [...]
Jane Harrington
You slide the knife’s edge across the top of the cup, making sure there is not one speck of flour more nor less than called for in the recipe. Now you wipe the counter, clearing the pale dust from the granite before you move to the next step. Daughter or changeling? I don’t recognize you. Cookies today? I want to ask. Angel food cake? Haven’t had [...]
Heath Wilcock
I break limbs. I stretch skin. I lock necks in place, with heads looking up to our Lord by snipping, shortening, and then re-stitching the sinews. I crack arms. I melt the tops of hands and attach the putty skin to the backs of wrists, palms flat and weighing the He [...]
Vanessa Couto Johnson
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