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After Hurricane Irma by Kristin Laurel

~ Estero Recreation Center, September 2017*   DAY ONE or THIS SUCKS “We’re just waiting for the water to recede.” In the gym, over four-hundred olive green cots, white blankets stamped with red crosses. A white stranger in their bedroom; brown, beautiful children smile up at me. How would it feel? All your belongings, stuffed into two black trash bags? Are the most vulnerable the…

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On Crescents & Transition & Waning by Kayleb Rae Candrilli

In the moments just before anesthesia took me to the bottom of the ocean (and then back), I looked down my hospital gown and admired, for the last time, the fullness of this original body. My original body had many marvels but I always wished it for someone else—spent years daydreaming of my flesh neatly disassembled, and sent to more deserving homes. But you cannot give…

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Deep Time by Bryan D. Price

Some of its most avowed practitioners have turned away from science, its boundaries, its manipulative procedures. They are pacifists now living in the desert where, according to a comforting formulation, rigid timelessness heralds a claim of dominance. Though we are deep inside its belly I do not ask them to show me the China Lake petroglyphs… deeper into the bardo still, where the rockets are…

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