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Sobieszewo Island (Wyspa Sobieszewska): A Deep Map by Daniel Bourne and Wojciech Kołyszko

About this project: In English as well as Polish, the word for the chart of symbols containing information about how to read the map is called a legend. There is more here than just two-dimensional spatial orientation. There are also stories, interpretations, memories. Thus, each little circle representing this little town or that giant city is more than just a fact, but the center of a complex web of…

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The Hitchhiker by Annie McGreevy  

It began with two strokes of good luck. The first was an adult, blood-fattened bedbug on the bedframe in room 306 at the end of her shift. The second was an equally blood-fattened adolescent in the same room, on the shower curtain of all places. Blood-drunk, Yolanda thought excitedly. All full up and lazy, not even trying to hide. She flicked them into separate Ziplocs,…

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Excerpts from Small Pieces by Micheline Aharonian Marcom, art by Fowzia Karimi

In Winter, Again The orange-breasted robins are in the garden today for the second time in January. Dozens of them pushing up and flying out from the wild red berry bush to the tall redwood and back, roiling lifting the air as if the air were waves on the ocean and the bird movement stormwinds. Below the bird wings, closer to the ground, the air…

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