Art and Photography

Typographical Sentences

  — Geometrical regularity and a line full of nudes and an alphabet we could dance to and come together oh why don’t you come on one two three one two three. It’s rhythmic, the way we are, serifed sans serif darlings in a row. When you took me to Georgia we spun in circles, we learned to curl to… Read more →

Bird Poem

Bird Poem by Alicia Salvadeo     It always begins with a dumb little bird: Keats under plums, Whitman on the beach, Williams at his window eyeing trees, the sun rising a minute later than yesterday; I wake up,   read mail, pay bills, raw sleep still gummed to lashes, bits I rub loose by noon: to conjure  the fragile… Read more →

Jantzen Beach

  — I am Tonya Harding before she invented rollerskates. When she can’t find a thing worth buying, I look for twice as long. You are not my husband. Your arms blunt their violence in performance fleece and do not swing a bat of any kind. You might be a Neon streaking doughnuts in the slush of a parking lot… Read more →

sonnet during drought

— the Tibetan landlady and i ought to concede our brown fingers. she can’t grow tomato plants, hydrangea; i, no hope for pothos, Pittsburgh ivy, aloe; basil leaves, see-through. her son babbles all summer in alphabets; barely does it rain. i recall figs and vegetables always grew in my grandfather’s backyard; and berries sprawled toward roses, apples in my father’s… Read more →

On High Street

— Let me draw your attention, says the gun.  The sky litters stucco-snow, as we all drop. Beside me, a soon-to-be with a busted lip says, the guns in this neighborhood are getting more and more mouthy—such poor attitudes.   I am thinking of buying a pet gun, and taking it for constant walks.   I am thinking of settling… Read more →