Art and Photography

On High Street

— Let me draw your attention, says the gun.  The sky litters stucco-snow, as we all drop. Beside me, a soon-to-be with a busted lip says, the guns in this neighborhood are getting more and more mouthy—such poor attitudes.   I am thinking of buying a pet gun, and taking it for constant walks.   I am thinking of settling… Read more →

Kind Surgery

  — Your father had an ear infection so I lit a cigarette and blew smoke into his ear and like a damn fool started smoking again and playing those Hawaiian background music records until I got the scrof jaw which you can see has been removed through a bit of kind surgery at the Home for Incurables. Just the… Read more →

from Conversational, Ohio

  — That was when one of the nieces said another was pregnant, her bones like scaffolding— placing all the steel bulk front-and-middle, structurally inept among her sisters. The too-tall-beauties. And that would have been when the day fell off, when Grandma made love to the crucifixion story, the praise-be-to— but she was busy, listening to a grandson complain that… Read more →