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from Conversational, Ohio

  — That was when one of the nieces said another was pregnant, her bones like scaffolding— placing all the steel bulk front-and-middle, structurally inept among her sisters. The too-tall-beauties. And that would have been when the day fell off, when Grandma made love to the crucifixion story, the praise-be-to— but she was busy, listening to a grandson complain that… Read more →

Karuk Nation

1.    Root, Antler, Fork, Braid His daughter Root. That wasn’t her name, and he called her that. I found her at the driveway’s end, a cruel-looking girl. I asked what was she doing out here in the dark. Come with, if you want. House built into the hill. Antlers propped against a propane tank. He came out with a long,… Read more →


I was prophesied to die at a certain age, and knew nothing that could cure me. Later, much later, the world was stretched out before me like leather, one morning after another. I asked the wise among my friends, “I will go out onto the white and endless savanna, is it there I will find my charm against sleep?” My… Read more →