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As a little boy in Perrysburg, Ohio, he takes a shit on the marble steps of the methodist church while his father preaches a sermon inside. It must be impossible for my father to tell apart his father and The Father as he crouches down. It is the fifties so his shorts are fifties shorts. Because it is the fifties,… Read more →

Front Cover of Portland Review: Spring 2013. Artwork by Gabrielle Stewart

Spring 2013 Launch Party, This Sunday!

We are excited to share the wonderful prose, poetry and art in Portland Review: Spring 2013 with you, so please join us this Sunday, May 12, to celebrate! We’ll gather at the beautiful and mind-bending Afru Gallery* (534 SE Oak, Portland, OR) from 3:30 to 5:30. There, we’ll mix, mingle, and welcome April Ehrlich, Erin Fox Ocón, Susan V. Meyers, and Willa Schneberg to… Read more →

Brave Michael Dragonhead

i. From the bridge a dozen boys drop paper boats into the river. Small as the cupped hands of mothers, the boats drift and spin in the current, plummet over the falls, and are gone into the New Year. ii. Above the city rooftops, like flower petals burning, fireworks return to earth. Below, down every street, Drums echo off glass… Read more →