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Brave Michael Dragonhead

i. From the bridge a dozen boys drop paper boats into the river. Small as the cupped hands of mothers, the boats drift and spin in the current, plummet over the falls, and are gone into the New Year. ii. Above the city rooftops, like flower petals burning, fireworks return to earth. Below, down every street, Drums echo off glass… Read more →


I Dad shouts at my mother from the driveway, his truck hiccups then roars away from us and I kick a rock to the grass with my bare foot. We stand in our garage long after he is gone. Mom covers her mouth with one hand and uses the other to press my sister and I into her heaving chest… Read more →

December 31

bernadette mayer how did you live through the bush years i didn’t win any prizes but winter surprised like a second childhood to the tenebrous nursery a decade late wolf spoor kept woman awake in the far cabin snowy light falling mute to the clomp of the bearish moon oh it’s been all right i know my length in meters… Read more →