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The country grew fatter by the acre as some of us wondered whether there were any words left. These thin ribs choked the plains that are so damn plenty and the skies thundered from the west.


Because the blues is the GOOD silage and because no one keeps stock. Because I will not revise things elliptical, I wear rocks in my pockets, silage, I get it – I get it – this is why (and like their gravestones chatter) with a smirk behind the features I had it – the thing becomes a weight with a… Read more →


denied tenure because he’d felt he had to say he’d like to lick his chair’s wife’s clit, shut   down.  Outside his lids, his silent, starless cave, Easter!  Boulders beat up white fires, waves!   Sunrise, time’s big smile, simple, winning, sinks, thinning into its bitter grimace, fun   light, finally refined, igniting wilder riptides, quivery, jittery, a kite flying… Read more →


1.  In My Imagination   Why can’t my sweet nothing, milky, meaningless, polyphonic, swelling in my hindbrain, mediocre, motivated, polymorphic,   sound life like a people think?    Terrified and tired of this tendency to talk, tell all, as if startled strangers could be my fictive family,   I prayed, psychological pastoral, silence, for a vacuum sucks better than a… Read more →


Last night a hand came out of her fish sandwich.  She sat in the damp leather chair, staring down at the yellow paper, dark red bread.  There were hard fries, like straw rocks, to the right, and an orange (in color, not taste) drink to the left.  All the others were eating silently.  It was a white man’s hand she… Read more →